Why RAMEDIX Group?

  • we are an agile and fast growing company
  • trusted partner for top manufacturers
  • authorized distributor and importer
  • ready to start partner with full cycle capabilities: certification, import, logistics, office structure, field structure, promotion and marketing, market connections, opinion leaders connections
  • we have the portfolio that allows to participate in complex tenders with combinations of complementing endovascular products

Our Approach

  • our prime goal is to maintain close and long-lasting relationships with our customers to make sure we are their favorite choice as a medical equipment supplier
  • we focus on innovative product lines that are highly demanded on the market and bring substantial improvement to the patient’s quality of life
  • we are in constant interaction with KOLs to ensure that we are on the edge of the industry’s trends
  • we employ best-in-class people that are well known on the market, with vast background and wide professional networks
  • we believe that quality of service we provide is the keystone of our success

Our business strategy

our business strategy focuses on customer intimacy and product leadership, supported by operational effectiveness and marketing

our strategy

Territory Coverage

we cover major regional and federal hospitals in European, Volga, Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern regions of the country

Cover map