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OmniLink Peripheral Stent

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Abbott Vascular

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The Omnilink Elite Stent System is indicated for the treatment of atherosclerotic iliac artery lesions with reference vessel diameters of ≥ 5.0 mm and ≤ 11.0 mm, and lesion lengths up to 50 mm.
A next generation Cobalt Chromium stent proven in challenging iliac cases. CoCr + Multi-Link Design create a strong and highly flexible stent that conforms to tortuous anatomies and supports a superb healing environment.

ELITE Engineering State-of-the-Art Stent Design:

  1. Thin struts designed to minimize vessel wall injury1
  2. No shortening2 for superb accuracy
  3. Strong yet flexible to conform to the natural anatomy of the iliac arteries

ELITE Performance Outstanding Deliverability

  1. Dual-layer, low-profile balloon designed to treat difficult-to-reach lesions and heavily calcified plaques
  2. Pushable catheter designed to easily navigate tortuous anatomies

ELITE Results Proven in Complex Patients

  1. No exclusions for calcified lesions, occlusions and multi-level PAD
  2. 95% freedom from Clinically-Driven TLR at 9 months
  3. Patients walked further, faster and climbed more stairs at 9 months

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OmniLink Peripheral Stent
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