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CODMAN® EDS 3™ CSF External Drainage System

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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The CODMAN® EDS 3™ CSF External Drainage System was developed with input from more than 200 nurses and physicians. The clinicians who work every day with CSF drains inspired solutions that distinguish the CODMAN EDS 3: ease-of-use in an integrated pole clamp and accurate hydrostatic leveling from a unique laser leveling device.
The EDS 3 provides all this, plus upgraded stopcocks, pressure-resistant tubing, and a multi-functional drip chamber - all in a fully MRI conditional design.the CODMAN eDS3 CSF Drainage System, with pinpoint hydrostatic leveling, provides clinicians with an easy-to-use, MRI-safe device. Combine it with the BACtISeAl eVD Catheter to create an effective barrier to gram positive bacterial colonization on catheter surfaces, and you’ll have a winning combination. We hope you never need to
use our BACtISeAl Catheter Pledge, and judging by our track record

CODMAN® EDS 3™ CSF External Drainage System
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