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ICP Monitoring System Microsensor

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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CODMAN® MICROSENSOR® ICP Transducer consists of a miniature strain gauge pressure sensor mounted in a titanium case at the tip of a 100cm flexible nylon tube.
CODMAN® MICROSENSOR® ICP Transducer  monitors intracranial pressure directly at the source - subdural, parenchymal or intraventricular. Information is relayed electronically rather than through a hydrostatic column or fibre optics.
Minimally invasive with a diameter of less than 1mm and robust thanks to its pliability, CODMAN® MICROSENSOR® ICP Transducer  today is the preferred ICP monitoring sensor for more than 60% of NCC specialists in the EMEA region.

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ICP Monitoring System Microsensor
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