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MEDSTREAM Programmable Infusion System

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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The MEDSTREAM Programmable Infusion System is intended for the intrathecal delivery of Baclofen injection sterile solution for spasticity management. The implantable components of the system include the infusion pump, pump catheter, connector and strain-relief sleeve. The accessories needed to prepare the pump for implantation are included with the pump in the O.R. prep kit.
The pump must be connected to a suitable intraspinal catheter. The following intraspinal catheters are designed for use with the MEDSTREAM pump:
CODMAN® Intraspinal Catheter Kit SURESTREAM Intraspinal Catheter Kit
This guide covers the implantation of the SURESTREAM Intraspinal Catheter. For instructions on implantation of the CODMAN Intraspinal Catheter, please refer to its instructions for use.
The MEDSTREAM Control Unit is an external part of the system that is required to prepare the pump for implantation, and to program the daily dosage post- operatively. The control unit uses radio frequency to create two-way communication with the pump. It is used to retrieve status information from and transmit programming changes to the pump. The control unit also must be used each time the reservoir is refilled.MEDSTREAM is the first programmable pump featuring a Ceramic Drive System to precisely control drug dosage. Every aspect of the MEDSTREAM™ Programmable Infusion System was designed for reliable drug delivery. Innovative technology delivers the features you’ve asked for in the next generation drug delivery system. Benefits of this design:
Reliability: No gears, motors or rotating parts to wear out or stall.
Long Battery Life: 8 year battery life even at high flow rates.
MRI Conditional: Certified for use in 3-Tesla MRI systems.

Accuracy: Highly accurate medication delivery, within 10% of programmed flow rate.
How the Ceramic Drive System Controls Flow:
• A ceramic actuator, connected to the valve, is charged. The charged actuator bends, opening the valve and allowing fluid to pass through to the pump outlet and into the catheter. When the actuator is discharged, it straightens, closing the valve. The SURESTREAM™ intraspinal catheter is designed to deliver uninterrupted therapy.

Surestream Intraspinal Catheter Kit (Ref 70020US) Includes:

  • SURESTREAM catheter and guidewire
  • Catheter threading guide
  • SURESTREAM connector, titanium, anchors (4), Touhy needle (17 –gauge), wing clip hub, Snaplock™ flushing adapter, strai relief sleeve, silicone and TYVEK® ruler, patient data stickers

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MEDSTREAM Programmable Infusion System
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