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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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Strengthening the lines of defense with an antimicrobial impregnated catheter
The CODMAN® BACTISEAL® is the first catheter to come with its own first line of defense. Two different antibiotics are impregnated throughout its silicone matrix. When implanted, the BACTISEAL Catheter System slowly and uniformly releases them to all surfaces. Extensive laboratory controlled testing proves the BACTISEAL Catheter System gives physicians an effective weapon that is ready to use right out of the package to fight bacterial colonization during the most vulnerable time for infection to develop. Infection can lead to shunt failure and serious complications including IQ loss.3-8
Reducing the potential for bacterial colonization both inside and out
Just as important, the BACTISEAL Catheter not only releases antibiotics to the exterior surface, but to the inner lumen surface as well - a complete coverage, patented manufacturing feat that's impossible to duplicate by any prophylactic method. The antimicrobial properties of the BACTISEAL Catheter System are already dispersing wherever catheter colonization may try to start, since colonization can develop on any surface and progress rapidly. The CODMAN® BACTISEAL EVD Catheter has two antibiotics impregnated throughout the silicone material. The BACTISEAL AIP is unique because these antimicrobial agents are infused into the silicone matrix at the molecular level.
Reducing the potential for bacterial colonization on inner lumen and exterior catheter wall.

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