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CODMAN® Lumbar External Drainage Catheter

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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The CODMAN® Lumbar External Drainage Catheter with Touhy needle is indicated for temporary access to the Lumbar Subarachnoid region as a means of draining cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in order to reduce increased intracranial volume and pressure.

Features & Benefits

  • 80cm Catheter with Guidewire
  • 80cm catheter provides ease of use and maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Precoiled guidewire for convenience
  • Unigue Drainage Hole Patterns
  • Large diameter of holes minimizes chance of occlusion
  • Touhey Needle
  • For smooth catheter guidance in subarachnoid space
  • lumbar, external, drainage, intracranial, pressure, CSF, cerebrospinal

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CODMAN® Lumbar External Drainage Catheter
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