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CODMAN® MALIS® CMC® -V Bipolar Electrosurgery

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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CODMAN® MALIS® CMC® -V Bipolar Electrosurgical Generator
The Latest Advancement in Bipolar Electrosurgery Technology from CODMAN®.

Touch Screen Technology
Intuitive touch screen interface allows for convenient setting or function changes.

Enhanced Bipolar Outputs
Independent bipolar outputs allow for enhanced cut and coagulation functionality.

Established DUAL WAVE™ Technology
Cut and Coagulate with confidence using the proprietary MALIS® 1 MHz, Aperiodic, Asynchronous Waveform.
MALIS® is a registered trademark of Synergetics USA. Inc.

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CODMAN® MALIS® CMC® -V Bipolar Electrosurgery
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