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Disposable Scalp Clips

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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The CODMAN Disposable Scalp Clips provide for hemostasis of scalp flap edges.
The single-use CODMAN Scalp Clip Forceps are used with:

  • RANEY Scalp Clip Applying Forceps (20-5115)
  • LEROY (LEROY-RANEY) Scalp Clip Applying Forceps (20-5117)
  • Infant LEROY Scalp Clip Applying Forceps (20-5120)

The CODMAN Scalp Clip Applier is a sterile, single-use system designed to apply scalp clips to the scalp flap for hemostasis during a craniotomy procedure:

  • Comes with pre-loaded scalp clips
  • Permits rapid application of scalp clips
  • Provides adequate hemostatis
Disposable Scalp Clips
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