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Intracranial stent Enterprise

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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ENTERPRISE can be partially deployed within the parent artery, then recaptured once and redeployed if needed
The stent is pre-loaded onto a delivery system composed of an introducer and a delivery wire for a simple system configuration. After the microcatheter is in place, access, advance, position and deploy stent. Wire access is maintained postdeployment.
Highly flexible closed cell designed provides conformability and true vessel reconstruction at the neck of the aneurysm. Flared ends contribute to conformability and facilitate re-access through the stent.
Closed cell stent design provides advanced scaffold for outstanding coil mass support

Stent Markers
4 radiopaque markers on proximal & distal ends of the stent for increased visibility.
Stent Positioning Marker Radiopaque delivery wire marker runs the length of the stent for precise placement.

Flared Ends
Designed for excellent wall apposition and conformability. Facilitates re-access through stent.

Delivery Wire
A core wire with varying zones of flexibility to facilitate navigation through neurovasculature. Wire access is maintained post-deployment.

Closed Cell Design
Highly flexible closed cell stent design for conformability, recapturability, and true vessel reconstruction at the neck of the aneurysm. Designed to provide advanced scaffold for coil mass support.

Lubricious Coating  
Our proprietary stent coating may facilitate stent tracking through the microcatheter.

Recapturable Stent
System design allows stent to be recaptured and redeployed once to facilitate precise placement.

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Intracranial stent Enterprise
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