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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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ORBIT GALAXY G2 Microcoils combine high coil conformability and softness with a streamlined procedure. The G2 features a proprietary complex shape with random breaking points which conform to the true aneurysm shape. The ORBIT GALAXY G2 was designed to deliver outstanding packing density with minimal compartmentalization. Compatible with the ENPOWER® Detachment Control System for prep-free, sterile field, push button instant detachment.
Micros Coils The CASHMERE Microcoil is a breakthrough in softness and conformability designed for framing and filling an infinite array of aneurysm shapes. The unique, complex design combines helical and Infinity loops, allowing the CASHMERE Microcoil to comply with the walls of the aneurysm while remaining clear of the parent vessel. Combine this design with increased packing volume through your frontline microcatheter* and get infinite possibilities.

Cerecyte- It’s Inside
Inside each CERECYTE Microcoil, a stretch-resistant polyglycolic acid (PGA) element is uniquely positioned within the primary wind of the coil.         The DELTAMAXX 18 Microcoil System delivers the 3rd generation DELTAWIND™ Technology coil that fills more efficiently with larger, longer, softer DELTA coils to help maximize packing density and coil uniformity within the aneurysm. These larger and longer coils are delivered through .0165” microcatheters to preserve clinical options.
DELTAMAXX Microcoil:

  • PRECESSION Technology
  • 18 system coil OD
  • Long coil lengths
  • DELTAWIND softness
  • .0165" microcatheter compatibility

DELTAPAQ Microcoils feature Micrus Endovascular’s exclusive DELTA WIND technology that creates hundreds of micro-deflection points allowing the coil to change direction at will. This allows    DELTAPAQ to find and fill open spaces that might be missed by traditional wind coils while facilitating improved packing density.  DELTAPLUSH Microcoils combine our exclusive DELTA WIND technology with the softest platinum wire that we have ever used. The result is a 10 system microcoil with the flexibility to find empty spaces and the softness to fill more effectively than non-DELTAWIND coils—making DELTAPLUSH an ideal finishing coil.

HELIPAQ Microcoil Designed to Provide Thorough Packing
The HELIPAQ Microcoil is a stretch-resistant helical coil designed for thorough, dense packing.

The MICRUSPHERE Microcoil is a spherical coil designed to provide a stable, predictable frame and conform to a myriad of aneurysm shapes.
Unique Micrus Loop Deployment  

Coil loops deploy in a 90° fashion, providing structure and stability to aneurysm dome and walls
Anatomically compliant to the shape of each individual aneurysm
The Presidio Microcoil combines the structure of a framing coil and the conformability of a filling coil, offering fast and dense FRILLING. When compared to Micrusphere, its longer lengths and soft transition zones are designed to deliver:
Superior coil coverage across the neck
Stable scaffolding with an open inner core
Improved packing volume per coil
Comprehensive RUSSIAN DOLL Filling

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