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Neurovascular Access

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Country: USA
Manufacturer: Codman

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Micrus’ ASCENT Occlusion Balloon Catheters feature a unique coaxial, dual-lumen design to provide stability, deliverability, conformability, and visibility. The ASCENT balloons are compatible with 0.014" or smaller guidewires. The soft tip of AGILITY Steerable Guidewires enable easy shapeability and safe vessel access. The AGILITY's MICROSPRING™ Technology utilizes an innovative annular ring which is designed to facilitate consistent transmission of torque to the distal tip.

  • Soft tip for ease of navigation
  • Shapeable tip for vessel access
  • Tapered core for optimum flexibility
  • MICROSPRING Technology for improved torque response
  • Platinum/Tungsten coil for radiopacity

The ENVOY Guiding Catheters are the solid foundation for Access Support. Its hybrid braid delivers maximum flow rates while maintaining catheter support and flexibility. Its soft radiopaque tip enables less traumatic vessel placement.

  • Large Inner Diameter for compatibility and improved injections
  • Enhanced Back-Up Support for challenging interventions
  • Lubricious PTFE inner liner
  • Four segment construction contributes to torque control and optimum flexibility
  • Procedural versatility offering 6 shapes and 2 lengths

Codman Neurovascular also offers the ENVOY XB, leveraging the features of the ENVOY Guiding Catheter with the enhanced back-up support for challenging interventions.                         
The NEUROSCOUT 14 family of steerable guidewires is designed to provide precise torsional response and tip control. In addition, the NEUROSCOUT 14 family of guidewires provides excellent tip shaping and shape retention characteristics, providing ease of use for physicians.                
The PROWLER Family of Microcatheters offers a complete line of microcatheters offering flexibility, stability and TRUELUMEN™ technology. The development of our microcatheters has a history of innovation. Balancing pushability and flexibility, the PROWLER family of microcatheters was introduced between 1997 and 1999. In 2001, the PROWLER family of microcatheters was the first to introduce pre-shaped tips (straight, 45°, 90° and J). Most recently, the PROWLER® SELECT® LP ES and the PROWLER® SELECT® Plus microcatheters were launched offering more stability.
The PROWLER Family offers
PROPRIETARY Braid/Coil Construction
Provides a balance of pushability (braid section) and flexibility (coil section)
TRUELUMEN Technology
The technology Provides an inner consistent diameter throughout the length of the microcatheter.
In-line marker bands provide a consistent profile and enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy.
WIDEST Choice. Three inner diameters (in.):

  1. 0.015, 0.0165 and 0.021
  2. Four soft tip shapes: Straight, 45, 90 and J
  3. Multiple zones: Balance of flexibility and stability

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Neurovascular Access
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